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Entree Salads

All served with rolls

  • Michigan Salad: Mixed greens, crumbled blue cheese, dried cherries, pecans, tomatoes and red onion.
  • Greek Salad Grilled: chicken breast, feta cheese, beets, pepperoncini’s, Greek olives, green peppers, sliced tomato & Greek dressing.
  • Cobb Salad: Diced tomatoes, onion, green peppers, bacon bits, jack cheese, and grilled chicken breast.
  • Chicken Caesar: crisp romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, parmesan cheese, tomatoes,  crunchy croutons & Caesar dressing
  • Julienne Salad: Sliced ham, turkey, Swiss cheese, tomato, egg, onions & green peppers.

Breakfast Specials

  • Continental Breakfast: Muffins, Bagels w/ Cream Cheese, Fresh Fruit, Orange Juice, Coffee.
  • Rise & Shine: Scrambled eggs, Sausage Links, Bacon, French toast and Orange Juice.
  • Hot Breakfast Bar: Scrambled Eggs, Home Style Potatoes, Sausage Links, Bacon, Bagels with Cream Cheese, Assorted Muffins and Orange Juice.
  • Breakfast Sliders: Bacon, sausage, or ham and cheese
  • Fruit Salad: Serves 10 people
  • Fresh Coffee: Includes all accompaniments Serves 15

Hot Buffet

Minimum Order 10
Includes: Disposable plates, silverware & napkins

Entree Selections

  • Breaded Italian Chicken Breast
  • Italian Sausage with Roasted Peppers & Onions
  • Mama’s Meatballs
  • Chicken Parmesan
  • Chicken Marsala
  • Teriyaki Chicken Stir fry
  • Sun dried tomato Basil Chicken

Choose One

  • Roasted Redskin Potatoes Mashed Potatoes
  • Butter Garlic Pearl Potatoes
  • Pasta w/ Meat sauce
  • Pasta Marinara
  • Palomino
  • Garlic & Oil

Choose One Salad

  • Garden Salad, Greek Salad, Cobb Salad, Caesar Salad

$1.00 Dessert
$1.00 Beverage

Lunch Time

  • Pulled Pork Sliders: Slow Roasted Pulled Pork, Bakery, Fresh Slider Buns, Potato Chips,  Coleslaw and Salad.
  • Deli Platter: Build your own custom sandwich with an excellent selection of Ham, Oven Roasted Turkey Breast & Salami Cheese: Swiss, American, Pepper Jack and an assortment of breads Includes: Chips & Salad & sandwich condiments
  • Taco Bar: Build your own Ground Beef Hard shell tacos or flour tortillas toppings: diced onions, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese, sour cream & salsa. Includes: Spanish rice, Tortilla Chips & Salsa.
  • American Classic Coney Bar: Hot dogs & “World Famous Coney Island Chili”. Toppings: shredded cheese, pickle chips chopped onions. Includes: Coleslaw, Chips & Salad.
  • Wrap Platter: An assortment of hand rolled fresh wraps Turkey Club, B.L.T. Southwest Turkey, Tuna, Roast Beef & Arugula, Ham and Cheese Choice of Soup & Salad
  • Burger Bar: Our seasoned ¼ lb burgers Toppings: American, Pepper Jack, Swiss cheese, Bacon, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Onion, Pickles, Ketchup, Mustard & Pesto Mayo. Includes: Chips and Salad.
  • Salad & Soup Bar: Large Garden Salad Toppings: Diced Chicken breast,  Shredded cheese, hard boiled eggs, croutons, bacon bits, cucumbers, tomatoes, Includes: Rolls & dressing. Choose from one of our homemade  soups to go with your meal

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